A Story About the Mayor, a Top City Administrator and a North Las Vegas City Worker That Should be Shared …

This story dropped into our laps today. Here’s the Las Vegas Review Journal headline and link:

North Las Vegas supervisor offered to protect worker from mayor for sex, complaint says

You’re probably familiar with these sayings: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” And … “You can’t make this stuff up.”

There seems to be a pattern with North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and his administration. These stories don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Especially involving long-term North Las Vegas city employees. In our observation and opinion, that pattern is one of bullying, intimidation, threat and innuendo.

But wait, there’s more to the story. The woman making the complaint, Pamela Dittmar, is also not fond of the “third party” investigation, which was concluded recently and conducted by attorney Berna Rhodes-Ford, who said that the sexual harassment was unsubstantiated, essentially. And who is this “third party,” theoretically independent investigator friends with? City Attorney Sandra Douglass Morgan (they were sorority sisters apparently, according to the LVRJ story). Morgan also just happens to be positioning herself to run against Municipal Court Judge Catherine Ramsey if a recall election, spurred by Mayor John Lee, occurs.

An interesting turn of events, at the very least.

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Judge Catherine Ramsey, North Las Vegas, Continues Her Fight Against the Effort to Recall Her

Judge Catherine Ramsey is fighting back against the recent recall effort to oust her from the bench in North Las Vegas by filing an emergency petition asking the court to issue an injunction barring the recall arguing judges cannot be recalled by popular vote under the Nevada Constitution.

“Nevada has been a state for 151 years,” Ramsey’s attorney, Craig Mueller, wrote in the petition. “Never in the 151 years has a judge been removed from office relying on voter recall.”

Judge Ramsey’s view is that the recall is based on a flawed interpretation of Section 2 in the state constitution, which says that “public officers” may be removed from office by popular vote. However, a section of the state’s Ethics in Government law states that a “ ‘Public officer’ does not include any justice, judge or other officer of the court system.”

Interesting. Sounds like the law is on the judge’s side. We’ll see how this one plays out.

For a more complete story on the argument, please go to the story the Las Vegas Review Journal carried, headlined, JUDGE RAMSEY PETITIONS TO HALT RECALL, CITES STATE LAW.

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Judge Ramsey Fires Back at North Las Vegas and Sues the City

Saying that the city is out to get her, Judge Catherine Ramsey filed suit against North Las Vegas Tuesday.

Bethany Barnes of the Las Vegas Journal Review has a pretty detailed accounting of it on the LVRJ website: Ramsey Sues North Las Vegas

Here’s how she writes about the legal action:

“The complaint argues that Mayor John Lee wants the judge gone so he can control the judiciary and Ramsey landed in political hot water after she wouldn’t let the city take more than $900,000 from the court. The money had been set aside for a new computer system for the court, according to the complaint.”

And this:

“The complaint also contends city Chief of Staff Ryann Juden — whose name is misspelled throughout the complaint — threatened to send out a mailer of “half-truths,” saying “the ‘low information voters’ are not going to know the difference.”

Judge Ramsey is by no means allowing those who dislike her to define her.

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The Ethics of North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee as They Relate to the Recall Effort of Judge Catherine Ramsey

First, on May 2, 2015, there was the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) headline — “2 ethics complaints challenge North Las Vegas Mayor Lee’s leadership” — followed shortly by an even more attention-getting headline just three days later, on May 5 — “Police Chief: North Las Vegas mayor got special treatment in child porn investigation“. Then a day later, there was this story on Salon.com — “North Las Vegas mayor couldn’t figure out why his iPad is full of child porn — so he had police wipe it clean” — with a subhead that reads, “Former North Las Vegas police chief comes clean about corruption, and it doesn’t look good for Mayor John Lee”.

No, it doesn’t.

We just wanted to be sure to remind folks about the kind of man who has been leading the city of North Las Vegas’s attack against Judge Catherine Ramsey, calling her behavior, according to a March 11, 2015 report in the LVJR, “immoral.” Here’s the full context of the “immoral” quote from the LVRJ story, which centers on the recall efforts against Judge Ramsey: ” … city officials’ disdain for the judge is well-known. Mayor John Lee has made comments during City Council meetings calling her behavior immoral and has asked the city attorney if there was anything the council could do about the judge.”

Now, let’s focus for a minute on Mayor Lee, who made national news when the child porn story came out. He’s leading the charge by the city calling a sitting judge “immoral?” Really? Like this guy has a leg to stand on? The two people involved in the ethics complaints challenging Mayor Lee’s leadership are both long-time city employees. One has been there for 13 years, the other 20 years. To quote form the LVRJ story about the complaints (first link above), “The complaints describe the mayor’s tenure in office, which began in July 2013, as a reign of terror where favoritism is rampant and employees are threatened and humiliated until they either fall in line or are fired.”


And the person who brought the child porn story to light? Newly retired police chief Joseph Chronister, who left about a month ago. He gave an exit interview to the LVRJ that was published the day after he retired, and the website Medialite summed things up pretty well, we think:

“Joseph Chronister just retired as Police Chief of North Las Vegas, and now that he’s no longer a city employee, boy does he have some stories to tell.

In a tell-all interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Chronister — who left office on Thursday and had the interview published the next day — revealed that he’d been forced out the department by a mayor who once allegedly used the police to delete evidence of child pornography on his iPad.

As Chronister told it, Mayor John Lee simply wanted “bobbleheads” in the police department who would do anything he asked them to do. In one incident, Lee reportedly asked a police officer to help him deal with the child porn that kept popping up on his iPad, and days later, a detective specializing in these cases took Lee’s iPad for investigation.

That investigation lasted one day:”

In the investigation, the detective assigned said he “found no emails having to do with porno­graphy of any kind but did find links to three pornographic websites in the iPad’s browser history.” And what was the result of the investigation? This is from the LVJR story:

“Finding nothing he could prove illegal on the iPad, the detective took it to an Apple Store and had it wiped clean the next day, according to the report. In his report, the detective said an Apple employee told him that a deleted email would no longer be on the device.

Hoyt returned the wiped iPad to Lee’s office and closed the investigation.”

And we haven’t even gotten into the incorrect information Mayor Lee has cited and continues to talk about regarding Judge Ramsey’s absences on the bench. The mayor makes it sound like Ramsey has been a slacker and is just trying to sponge off city money. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we’ll get into all those details in an upcoming post.

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Just Call the Recall Attack on Judge Catherine Ramsey “Politically Charged”

There’s a well known tactic that is used to take down one’s enemies in the world of politics, and that’s to just simply attack them, regardless of the merit of the case or whether or not you have facts on your side.

It’s called being, “politically charged.”

You throw allegations around, you make charges directly or indirectly, often through the press, who you “leak” a story to, and you let the press go to work — repeat the claims, do hit pieces, and before you know it, you have the desired effects: appearances of impropriety, one-sided stories, the court of public opinion buying into it all and ultimately, perhaps, resignations.

Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen with the recall efforts related to North Las Vegas Judge Catherine Ramsey. And from what we’re seeing, it looks like the judge is doing the right thing and taking up the fight to win back the court of public opinion and not let herself be defined or tarnished by others.

The judge has been labeled “unethical” and “dishonest” and is having to defend herself against charges that she has “misappropriated public funds.” As often happens in these cases, the public only gets one side of the story. Why? Because it generates news, it generates controversy, it generates day after day of stories that the public pays attention to. This writer has on more than one occasion heard top editors tell their reporters to “go out there and make some news.”

We’ll get into all the details in future posts, but for now, just be aware that there is — as there often is — more than one side to the story.

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Time for the Truth

Welcome to catherineramsey.com.

There have been a lot of false accusations, withheld and inaccurate information related to the recall effort centered around North Las Vegas Judge Catherine Ramsey.

This website exists to set the record straight and to tell the truth about what’s really at play in this game of politics.

Please return to this blog often, as we’ll be updating everything as the recall effort, and the fight against it, plays out.

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